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My name is chetan and I am a student. very recently, I just gave LG

$153 from my internship money(which I do to pay my education loan), to make my phone completely useless.

My nexus 5 screen got cracked. I send it to lg on 8th of July for repair. They charged me with $153.I received it back on 26th July. The problem didn't end here. When I opened the box and put my sim card back. it is not receiving any signal.i tried with almost 3,4 different sims from my friends and still no luck. I called lg the same day saying this is what u have send to me after taking 20 days and $153, they said, We are sure we test everything before we ship it back to the customers.

I said. Please help me. I cannot live for another 15 days without phone,and that too when there is a mistake from LG side and with no guarantee/accountability that it will going to be completely fix with no new problems when i will received it back.

Even though My phone is still under warranty(still more then 4 months left). They said we are sorry, But we can not send you the replacement nor they are ready to take responsibility/accountability for there mistakes,neither for this one nor for any in future.

No one is held accountable in LG for there mistakes, only customers have to suffer and make compromise.

Great going LG. I JUST GAVE U $153 .Thats how you make your company bring profit from students like me.

Note: I was a great Fan of LG phones before this incident took place.Which made me move over to used apple phones for there great customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $553.

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