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Update by user Sep 16, 2016

FINALLY!!! Third time is the charm!

After 2 failed attempts the phone is finally fixed! I would still be careful about LG products!!!

Original review posted by user Aug 17, 2016

I bought a LG G Stylo back in December 2015 from a local carrier. I thought I had made a good choice as far as features and price. It worked wonderfully for 6 months and then began having... issue.... The final straw was that it would not connect to any cell phone carries (mobile network). Obviously a cell phone that can not connect to a mobile network is sort of useless!

I sent it into LG for repair. That entailed being tortured by their web site repair pages and printing out a Fedex label. Then I had to drive the 15 minutes to the nearest drop off location for Fedex. I took more then a week to get it to LG and then another two weeks for repairs. Then another long week to get it back...

Once again it would not connect to any MOBILE PHONE NETWORK! Not quite sure what they repaired but it certainly was not the correct thing!

This time I called LG customer service and complained about the repair service (or lack thereof). Again, I was issued a RMA number and instructed to print yet another label to send it in for repair. One again I drove to the Fedex drop off location (what the *** do people without cars do???).

Another month in sending, repairing and sending it back. Now comes the really good part....

!!!(DRUM ROLL)!!!

It STILL would not connect the any MOBILE PHONE NETWORK!

So, I had a very expensive Android 5.7" tablet!!!

For the third time I called LG repair service and this time demanded to speak to a supervisor. More then 15 minutes later a "Supervisor" responded. Once again I was instructed to send it in for repair which puts me out by forcing me to drive and drop it off once again!

I am not hopeful... I expect to get a "still" broken and completely useless smart phone (although a terrific small stature tablet)!!

I am completely over LG and their service. If the phone is not repaired or - better yet - replaced I will call the Attorney General of Texas and lodge a consumer complaint about their horrible customer service and fraudulent warranty repairs.

I hate to warn you away from LG products since I have had other LG products that are wonderful and a great price. HOWEVER, if that wonderful and inexpensive technology happens to break down you are S.O.L. (ask someone what that means).

Product or Service Mentioned: Cell Phone Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Repair service.

  • Bad faith warranty
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