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The following is an actual discussion between myself and LG Electronics USA. There is more dialogue but they deleted all of my posts because they considered me a spammer and troll and now they are deleting my husbands posts as well on their facebook page. They do not want to have anyone know that we have filed a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General office for Consumer Protection...the dialogue is as follows -


My name is Lynn H Goodman. Purchased from Menard's in Greenwood, IN on 10/23/13, an LG WHT DLE2250W dryer for $597.00 + delivery of $49.00 + cord, clamp and foil duct all picked out by sales man for $26.54 + 4 year service plan for $99.97. Add tax of $54.08 for a whopping total of $826.00. Delivered and set up next day. On Monday 12/09/13 dryer quit heating. Your 1 800 number was upsetting and condescending putting me through a set up test, (which I advised them I knew what that was and it was not solving problem), and they then advised that we would be charged a service fee because the problem was a blocked air duct. I advised very strongly that it was not and the individual (in broken english) continued to be condescending. I am a 25 year retired air traffic controller. I am not that *** nor do I appreciate being instructed like a child. I became so upset that I terminated the call. My husband had to call back. Repairwork set up for 12/18/13 between 8 and 12. Individual called at 11:25 and said they were enroute. They arrived at 1:00 pm. He did not have part, did not know when part would be able to be ordered, received and then scheduled for repair. Did I mention that my husband has Crohns Disease and the bacterial infection CDiff that he has been battling for over a year and it is a MUST that all bedding, clothing, towels and such be cleaned with hot water and clorox, each and every day. Every time he sets foot in a laundromat, he is compromising his health due to his immune system, but I am 58 years old and can no longer do this large amount of laundry by myself unless it is in the comfort of my own home. I Have already spent $50.00 in a laundromat, bringing the total of the dryer to $876.00 to date. Will be returning tomorrow to the laundromat thereby increasing that amount on an already stretched thin budget due to his health problems. I have closed my Menard's account because I feel they knew of this problem in advance and convinced me to purchase regardless. What am I to do with LG Electronics USA? My email address is ****************.com. I will give you my phone number on one condition. If you do call, it will be an individual who has full understanding of the English language and speaks proper English to me.


As far as the repair work, we had to take matters into our own hands and contact the repair company this morning only to be told, they didn't know, they weren't sure, it would be at least 24 hours before they knew if they could order the part. Is this how LG Electronics USA wants to handle business?


This is how we allowed the dryer to be left after the repairman left thinking he would make it back over to us. He never came back, never called back. We were aware that he may not make it back over yesterday, and he was even unsure how long we would be without a dryer, but we do deserve a phone call at the very least.

LG Electronics USA reply:

You are absolutely correct Lynn. Sorry you have been left in the dark and that you were made to feel inadequate. I was able to locate your case with the email provide. I've spoken to the service center and they have already ordered the necessary part. They advised that they will contact you once they have confirmation that the part is in. Generally, that can take approximately 2-5 business days.

We will certainly document your complaint and send this to upper management for training purposes for the agents you've spoken to.



Who is going to reimburse me for time, trouble and laundry costs?

Did you even read the entire message? My husband is in poor health!

LG Electronics USA reply:

Very sorry to hear that and I apologize also because I meant to advise you that we can review to offer laundry reimbursement. We would need to wait until the service is completed and the unit working so that we can offer reimb based on how long you've been without the unit.

Unfortunately, we would not be able to offer anything different than service and laundry reimbursement review. ^CL


Dryers don't give receipts. How do you plan to enable me to submit for reimbursement.?

*Laundromat dryers that is.

Hi Lynn- We have received all of your posts and are so sorry to hear of your troubles! Again, we would be happy to get you in touch with our executive services to review & possibly escalate your case. In order for them to pull up your info, we will need you to send us a private message with your contact info. Also, please click here to learn how to avoid being banned or marked as spam (like trolling all the posts on this page). Click “see more" in general info: & please follow the guidelines of this community. We invite all conversations & always look to help customers in need, but there are community rules in place to prevent spamming, etc. ^CJ

LG Electronics USA

For customer support, please call 800-243-0000 or visit online at

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Electronics: 697,897 like this

Lynn H Goodman

You have my information already. If you see the need to determine that I am a spammer or troll, I do have a good attorney should this matter not be effectively resolved. I await your response.

Hello again Lynn- You are speaking to the social team, we do not have your information. Our support team is available via private message or We are trying to get you in touch with the proper team to help you and your situation. Thank you for your patience Lynn. We hope to see your private message soon.

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Lynn H Goodman I give up. Whether you are the social team or complaint department, LG Elect. USA is aware of all my info. Please give them a call for my information. I want a working dryer. I don't want to go to the laundromat every other day. I purchased this product in good faith. I want results. Not next week, not next year, I want it now!

We got the repair part installed on the 26th of December and 40 minutes later after trying to dry a load, it blew the breakers. We had the repairman back out last night and he could not recreate the problem so he put it back together and left. We put a load in today, set it on the same setting as the last time we actually were able to get dry clothes and they were still wet when the drying cycle ended. Have called the repairman back out for the fourth time. Back to the laundromat and/or stringing clothesline throughout the house since we live in the midwest and it's too cold outside and the weather is too nasty to dry anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $926.

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Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #772866

I under stand that ALL COMPANIES can have a product problem, but the difference between a good and bad company is how they respond to a problem or complaint! LG does such a POOY JOB of responding to problems/complaints that I do not know how they are even still in business.

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