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Do not by LG products.

After 3months of phone international and national email and phone calls to LG support centre I have concluded that LG has a policy and that is to make the consumers pay for technical training of their personnel.The consumers are expected to pay for the technicians mistake.Here is the full thread for your own judgment.

I have not received any responce to my last email to LG. *************************************Dear SirPlease acknowledge my email.RegardsAli*************************************--- On Tue, 8/19/08, Ali Jazayeri wrote:

From: Ali Jazayeri Subject: Customer feedback and questionTo: islam@lgservice.aeCc: alijazayeri@yahoo.comDate: Tuesday, August 19, 2008, 4:46 PM

Hi,It has taken LG almost 3 months to resolve this issue.At the end I have been invoiced for a part that to me had no fault to begin with.The fault that I had reported was "No Picture on display"I was able to watch movies using the DVD out option on my TV.This indicates that that the pick-up optic was not faulty.However I have been invoiced for an item called Optic with item number"6721RDD991A.My understandings are that the part(Optic) must have been damaged during repair process and I really want to know if this is the policy in LG for the customers to pay for training cost of their technicians. The conclusion is that I will neither buy any LG product in the future nor will advise anyone to do so.It is just not acceptable for me as a customer to have to pay for something that was working properly at the time it was handed to repair center.To me it looks as if a patient is taken to hospital with a broken leg and he is charged for a heart transplant.RegardsAli Jazayeri**************************************--- On Sat, 8/2/08, VOC-LGEME wrote:From: VOC-LGEME Subject: VOC Verification 942 (Survey)To: alijazayeri@yahoo.comDate: Saturday, August 2, 2008, 9:46 PM

Dear Valued Customer We are writing you from LG Electronics Middle East, Dubai UAE. We would appreciate if you could spare us a few minutes of your precious time in order to give us your valuable feed back about the following question. Thanks & Best Regards

Customer DetailsCustomer Name : Ali JazayeriAddress : IranContact No : 989 Email Id : alijazayeri@yahoo.com

VOC DetailsVOC No : 942VOC Type : ServiceProduct : AVCountry : IRANAgent : GoldIranVOC : Customer's E-mail: Dear Sir; I sent you an email concerning and complaining about LG after sales services in IRAN. Consequently I received below at the bottom of this inquiry in replies, telling me that my claim is under progress. 1-On both emails I am advised not to reply to that email and use the following link instead. (Such link does not appear in my email). 2- Normally in such cases other companies provide a reference number for follow up. In LG case you did not. Please advise your action plan to solve my problem and advise how I can follow this case up or If LG is not taking any action at all. I expect a lot more from LG. Regards Ali Jazayeri ********All correspondences so far Dear Customer We have received your information, and will try to respond to the inquiry that you have made through LG Iran Site (http://ir.lge.com) using the e-mail address you provided. If you have further questions, please click to ask us here. ********* Dear Sir Until last Thursday, I have been a satisfied customer of LG products but not anymore. My junior daughter had received a portable DVD player as a price for obtaining best grades in school last year. You can understand that she is very attached to the same. Unfortunately the product has become faulty and display only comes on if it is half open. We toke the unit for repair to Gold Iran who claims to represent LG in Iran. To our surprise we were confronted by rude counter staff, telling us that because the unit was not marketed in Iran, They had no commitment to repair and even look at this device. So they refused to even investigate further. My offer to buy her a new devise was not accepted by her due to her attachments to this device. My opinion in this respect is that, ok may be this product was not marketed by this particular reseller, but quite honesty we only know and trust the LG brand and not the reseller. Do you really go and search who is the reseller or importer of any appliance before you buy them? Of course not you choose a trusted brand and just buy it. This email only serves as a warning to LG marketing division as keeping a satisfied customer is much easier than finding a new one. We are sorry that we will not be trusting LG electronics any more and we are concerned about other LG products bought out side Iran. Regards Ali Jazayeri ************ Dear Mr. Ali Jazayeri; We received your claim and now it is under progress. We are so sorry about such a problem. We will announce you the result as soon as possible. Best Regards LG Electronics Inc. Tehran Liaison Office

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