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I sent my new LG855 phone in for repair. Service order return authorization A0125G51953 and the explanation "phone had water damage-corrosion (unrepairable)."

I called and talked to supervisor. She refused to accept that my phone was new and did not have any water damage and referred me to the picture of the inside of the phone emailed to me. She said due to the picture, the phone had water damage, was old, and LP would not repair or replace the phone. I said my phone could not have been damaged by water and that they took a picture of the wrong phone and sent me the picture. I told her I would sent it back to her and she simply refused to listen to me and said they would not repair it, it had water damage and they stood behind there technicians, case was closed. I asked her to read the serial number on the picture of the phone they sent me and it did not match the serial number of my phone. She refused. I had no other option but to inspect the phone for myself. When I looked inside it was brand new. There was no corrosion at all. The picture they sent me was a different phone. I sent pictures back to her of my phone with no corrosion or water damage verifying the technicians made a mistake and the phone should have been covered under the original warrantee. She continued to stand behind the picture and the technicians and now said I voided the warrantee by opening the phone and hung up on me!

I cannot believe LP would allow a supervisor have total disregard for its customers. This was a new phone with no damage or corrosion and still under warrantee. Simply take a picture of a water damaged phone, email to customer, send phone back and close case. Customer has no recourse.

Scott Miller


Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Repair.

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