LG MicrowaveBoke down 3 times in less than 1 year | Lg Electronics in Lancaster, New York

First breakdown was 5 days beyond year one,Feb 2014. LG did repair for free. Broke down November 2014with sme problem. Cost $97 to fix. Broke down Feb 2015. Cost $87 to learn it needs a $250 repair. I refused. Sent copies of the 3 repair notices to LG. I asked what they are willing to do. Received letter from LG. Thank you for contacting us....our goal is to retain you as a satisfied customer. After the one year you are responsible. Thank you for your invaluable feedback and we look forward to serving you again in the future. I calledthem on the phone to complain about how they want to keep me as a customer,etc. The rep said sorry but NO. Then she asked "is there anything else I can do for you?" I ot annoyed at that and asked her if there was a plan B. She said not to get huffy or she would disconnect me!! That ended the THIRTY MINUTE waste of my time on the phone with LG!!!
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Vacuum cleaner Broke after 7 months | Lg Electronics in Middletown, New York

My LG vacuum cleaner broke down after 7 months, I called the company to see where to take it to get it fixed for the warranty. This vacuum cleaner has a five year parts and labor warranty, well just my luck there are no service repair people in my area. I get the pleasure of waiting for a box to be sent to me I then get to send in my vacuum and wait for it to be repaired and sent back. This could take up to 3 weeks & I vacuum daily. A fried of mine who repairs vacs, could do it, but since he is not an authorized LG repirman he can't because that would void my warranty. He used to sell the LG vacuums in his shop, but he said that so many people started complaing about the customer service with LG, he stopped selling them. He heard that the particular model I have has had a lot of problems, just my luck. We need to start a class action lawsuit!
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My wife and I bought a front loading LG washer in March of '08. When it worked we were very pleased with the washer. About 8 months ago (before its 3rd birthday) it started vibrating very badly. I assumed that I had somehow knocked the leveling mechanism out of...
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I wish I had read this before I bought an LG washer. Same experience here.

I call weekly to get a resolution.

I am with the Executive Relations group and they have never once called me back.

The repair man came out 3 times and cannot fix the issue and they are trying to find another warranty repair person but no one wants to come out. The issue with our machine is that the bleach dispenser does not dump when it is supposed to so it ruins our dark clothes.


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