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I bought NEXUS5 almost 1 month ago, and even though I used phone cover and screen cover, the screen was totally damage. I just drop my phone 20 cm away from floor, and I really feel Nexus 5 is really easy to break and I cannot believe screen is obviously easy to broken.

There is no warranty, and they estimated $300 for fixing screen and it will take 3 weeks. Its so ***!

Its almost same as actual phone value.

*** Korean company. It shows how Korea is *** country.

It should be colonized by China or Asian countries.

I will never buy it from LG.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $410.

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Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #769188

firstly no phone "cover" or screen "cover" will save a phone from dropping on its face. that my friend is your fault.

as for the warranty I've looked into it and they DO have a warranty just like EVERY other phone/electronics device that comes out 99% of them are limited to MANUFACTURER's defects. you dropping it on the face of the phone is NOT a defect in itself you know.

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