Bought new washer dryer. Trying to register product.

All telephone numbers and web site information for LG company are non-working. If this is example of their product, then their product sucks. Period. Nothing about this company or the addresses provided are legitimate.

This company clearly should be disallowed to operate in the USA. It turns out the products both seem to be bogus from every aspect, starting with their operation and obviously their support. In fifty years have never had this experience or anything approaching it occur. It astounds me that a company would be so laggard as to leave non-updatged information on their only contact media for both telephone and URL.

This bespeaks a company which is going into bankruptcy or generally out-of-business. I would advise anyone to stay away from any LG products. It looks like they know they are going down and just don't care.

And, we thought only American Corporations were capable of such irresponsibility and malfeaseance. Well, here is an example of a vaunted Korean Company which is going belly-up.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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