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This comment is about LG's poor customer service and the unprofessional attitude of their management. We recently purchased a new LG stainless steel french door refrigerator, model LFX28978ST. We found our best deal at Home Depot and they delivered it promptly. It came well packed with blue plastic covering all of the stainless surfaces for protection. We inspected the unit to make sure it was in good shape, but left the plastic in place. We had to complete installing our new kitchen floor before installing our new LG, so we had the delivery folks set the unit out of the traffic pattern where it remained untouched for 9 days.

Once the flooring was finished, we installed the refrigerator into a custom cabinet where it fit perfectly. Once in place and connected to water and power, we removed the plastic on the doors as it cooled down so we could start putting things into it. It was after removing the plastic that we noticed a slight but very sharp diagonal dent about 8 inches long on the lower freezer drawer. Since we watched the unpacking and moving of the unit into our home the week before, this dent clearly occurred at the factory. We immediately called Home Depot, and they asked that we call LG since the unit is new.

We called LG, and to make a long story short, they said they would not do anything. Their position was that we have only 7 days (this was day 9) to report any damage. There is nothing on any paperwork that says this, but they said that this is their policy. We asked to speak with a manager, who said the same thing and added "let the buyer beware." This conversation lasted probably 15 minutes, but to no avail.

We then contacted Home Depot again, and they said they would take care of it for us. Home Depot is great! In fact, they were willing to replace the entire refrigerator. Since it was already installed, we agreed it would be far easier just to replace the drawer front. So, the manager of the appliance department came to our home personally with a replacement drawer front and replaced it for us.

While the story ends well and the refrigerator has been in use for several weeks now and we love it, had we known that LG was the kind of company that has no interest in customer service and their management has the guts to say "let the buyer beware" instead of resolving a problem, we would probably have purchased another brand. For those of you thinking about LG, think twice. And if you do purchase one, you may want to think about a warranty from an independent company, as you may otherwise have to experience LG's lack of customer service!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

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I too have recently 11/11/11 have had a problem with LG customer service. I noticed on my 4 month old French door Stainless steel Ref.

the water indicator is wearing off. I called service and was told they would not replace the part. I than called LD and was told it was cosmetic and would not be replaced. I explained it was a functional part and they said I was using the wrong cleaner- Cinch for stainless steel.

LG would not provide me with a list of clearners that they approve of. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER LG APPLIANCE AGAIN...

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