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Lg Electronics in Raleigh, North Carolina - Expensive LG Refrigerator Broken

Update by user Aug 30, 2013

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Original review posted by user Aug 30, 2013

LG stainless steel refrigerator, purchased in January 2011, stopped working seven days ago. Model Number: LDC22720ST. Repairs will cost over $600.00 with no assistance from LG after multiple phone calls and e-mail messages with proof. Never again will one of their products darken our door. Beware. I have spoken to three agents who have given me three separate stories so I have scheduled the repairs myself. It does not pay to upgrade to any appliance that has a computerized system so I will now plan to downgrade to knobs and few bells and whistles. Never believe advertising - ever.
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Lg Electronics Refrigerator

Lg Electronics in Concord, North Carolina - The ice maker need reapairs

Two error codes on the refrigerator showed there was a problem with the ice maker. Made call to LG got a run around from them and the ONLY REPAIR COMPANY THEY USE IN CHARLOTTE. Nothing from half truths from LG and Repair company. Why does a consumer have to wait 30 days for parts to be delivered to the vendor and why can't both of them tell the truth. I can get someone else to make the repair and have the part expressed to them but LG won't give them approval. If I am paying for the repair and the frig is under warranty why can't LG give this vendor approval to order the part. I shouldn't have to pay for a part that's still under warranty. It's insane why a company as big as LG won't work with a customer on an issue like this. I'll never tell anyone to purchase any of your products based on the problem I've had with you. NOT customer friendly at all.
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Lg Electronics Refrigerator

Lg Electronics in Charlotte, North Carolina - Lousy products & worse customer service

Couple of years ago received LG Refrigerator as gift. Worked good for about 7 months the started having issues. Kept calling and trying to get problem resolved but they kept dragging their feet. Finally had tech come out and he said bad mother board. Sent in and took over month to get another. Installed and still not work. Said another bad board. Sent this in and waited even longer. Finally tech suggested for me to contact LG to see what could be done. They nicely informed me that the product was now out of warranty. I told them it was their delays in getting parts to me that extended the time. Basically told me the could not help.. I decided then there will never be an LG product in my possession. I tell everyone stay away from LG.. you will not get any results..
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Lg Electronics Refrigerator

Lg Electronics in Greensboro, North Carolina - LG sold us a defective refrigerator!

Circuit board replaced - no lightning strikes - no doors open! THREE times the freezer fan has frozen up Had to unplug for hours and now another call has been made and service coming. Refrigerator is only 3 yrs old! We had a refrigerator 30 years and never had a service call! What is wrong with this company with all these complaints you get? Do you not ever leave a good customer satisfied. I will never recommend this refrigerator or any LG product to anyone.More details you say? Well, the first time it went we were without a refrigerator for five days!
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We has almost the exact same problem with our LG Refrigerator Model # LFX25974ST. It was purchased 4/7/12 and on 7/1/12 is stopped cooling anything.

The freezer completely defrosted everything and the refrigerator is as warm as the outside temp. It took 10 days for a service tech to come out with a new main board and fan but the mainboard He brought did not fit. He left without any repair only replaced the defective board and did not even replace the back panel. The unit has been dead for 12 days now and LG has shown no interest in a rapid solution.

We are now working with Home Depot for a return and refund so we can go purchase another refrigerator. I bet you cant guess which brand we wont be looking at this time. I will give you a hint the initials are LG.

Customer service is non existent and the quality is extremely shoddy. A 2400.00 dollar refrigerator should last more than 3 months.

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Lg Electronics Refrigerator

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