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I have never received such poor service from a company. First: the appliances are relatively new-only three years. Washer: simple issue of replacing the gasket: not only could I get an appointment, but LG outsourced it to a Toronto company (Appliance Services), and...
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HAHAHA are you kidding with this? You sound like such a drama queen. Appointment between 9-5? Please -- they probably called you the day before or morning of to give you a nar...

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Lg Electronics Refrigerator Review

Purchased LG fridge from Home Depot Canada 4 years ago. Stopped working. Paid LG for repair that took 3 tech visits over 8 days. Not repairable was the final answer. Customer service below average. I will not recommend LG appliances.

Lg Electronics in Toronto, Ontario - Washer & Dryer delivered with damages

I bought a pair of LG washer and dryer from Home Depot and they were delivered a few days later with scratches on all sides but I did not check them as I trusted they were new. I called LG when I noticed and the customer service told me they will replace them. 8 days later I called again to get an update and they did not have a record of my call, therefore they refused to replace. 10 minutes later I got a call from the delivery company saying they received the machines and they will deliver in 4 days.

Lg Electronics in Toronto, Ontario - Substandard Microwave LMC1543SS

Purchased in fall of 2010. Have had major repairs and no, I didn't buy the long-term warranty. My last Panasonic lasted 12 years with no repairs. Now this one has quit again. The original price for microwave/convection was over $600.00 and it has now cost approximately $900.00 --- this time will discard but don't think you should be in the business of making microwaves!! Purchased at County Alliances, Toronto --- they too have been useless in providing support. I am the only one using the machine and use rarely, particularly since it never work beyond the first 12 months. No more LG appliances for me.

Lg Electronics in Toronto, Ontario - 2 broken washing machines from LG within one week

First LG machine delivered and had a broken select dial. The second machine was delivered and had a broken electronics panel, I was unable start or change settings on the machine. Customer service at LG non-existent, you may get through to a representative if you opt to participate in a survey but they are not helpful. I was not offered any compensation for all the inconvenience. LG are delivering a 3rd washing machine but I now have to take a 3rd day off work. Would I buy LG ever again? NO. Are LG products worth the money? Not one has worked yet, I am now $2,600 out of pocket.

Lg Electronics in Toronto, Ontario - Sold Me A Piece of Junk

LG LCD TV 32LH30 An absolute piece of junk. Purchased in November of 2009. Used less than 25 hours, then had to leave town for almost 6 months. On return, system dead. LG replaced two modules under warranty. Used less than 5 hours, then had to leave town for another 6 + months. On return – you guessed it, system dead and showing exactly the same symptoms as before. You probably already know – system now out of warranty. Something very strange with power supply – probably burning out the same module over again. No way that I am willing to pay one cent to try to have this beast repaired again. Everyone should also beware of the LG web site. It purports to let us write product reviews. Can tell you – if your review is the least bit critical it somehow gets lost and does not appear on their site. An actual experience I had in reviewing this TV.

Lg Electronics in Toronto, Ontario - LG range oven and broiler stopped working

our range stopped working after using the self-cleaning feature the bottom of the oven is scratched and lots of fine lines the manual says that the fine lines will not affect the performance, sorry but it stopped working. the range is only 4yrs old. The self-cleaning used only twice. Tried to get assistance from GL customer service and the person on the phone was very rude. The person spoke very fast and did not wait for me to find the information on my range. The person also kept talking while I was talking. My range stopped working.Thanks

Lg Electronics in Toronto, Ontario - Dishwasher

I spent $1000 on a LG dishwasher it lasted just over 2 years and died it was not worth the cost to repair. I will not buy another LG product ever!! and I intend to tell this to every one I know. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x