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On 11/14 I went into a Home Depot in Vero Beach, FL and I ordered and Washer/ Dryer combo because it was on a Black Friday Special and well my husband and I spent approximately 2300 dollars on everything just to be told it would be over a month waiting for it to be delivered however we agreed because we needed a new washer and dryer due to our old ones not working well anymore. On 12/2 I decided not to get the pedestals so I called Home Depot who transferred me to since that is where the products were ordered through and I spoke to a representative there who canceled the pedestals for me and informed me of the refund amount.

Well to my surprised on 12/16 when my products where delivered to my home I had 1 dryer and 1 pedestal and no washer, well this isn’t right considering I canceled the order of pedestals and well my washer is missing. Well according to the delivery people my washer had been canceled along with the 1 pedestal however there had been no refund posted to my credit account for any of the products. So I get in my car and go to Home Depot assuming it’s their fault just to find out that it’s not their fault but it was the customer service at LG’s fault because they are the ones who canceled my washer and the 1 pedestal instead of properly reading the notes. However as of this date 12/18 I have still paid for the entire order!!!!

I have 4 children and 2 adults living in my home and I have to do laundry every 2 days and I have NO WASHER!!!!! I have no washer because LG refuses to give me a product that I have PAID for!! They are telling me that I have to pay for it again and not at the discounted price that I initially paid for it but for the full price that it is now and that they will send me some gift card once it’s delivered. I’m sorry but what???

This isn’t my fault, this is YOUR fault LG and I want my washer that your company still holds my money for and at the price I initially paid for it. Why should I have to pay for a product that I bought on sale and was expecting to be delivered to my house and then to my surprise it wasn’t? I am disgusted with the way this is being handled and I cannot believe that it’s this difficult to purchase a washer and dryer and that no one is making this right!!! I spent about 2 hours at the Home Depot this morning of this date on the phone with a representative named Jesus who only continued to offer me reimbursement after I paid for another washer and after it was delivered meanwhile I have yet to receive a refund for the first washer that was canceled without my knowledge and they want me to pay the full price now instead of what I paid for it the first time.

Why should I have to go through all of this for a mistake that I didn’t make or an issue that I didn’t cause? At this rate not only should I get my washer but I most certainly should be given some type of reimbursement for the time and aggravation this has caused me and lets not even get started on the amount of money I am going to have to spend at a laundry mat to make sure that my family of 6 including myself have clean cloths.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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