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I had a new $2700 LG refrigerator installed on June 24 2016. It immediately began making a very loud screaming noise.

Called LG every day for the next week letting them hear the very, very loud squeeling noise....they said it was "normal". Finally called Home Depot from where we bought the fridge and they immediately replaced it. So...take note....the "new" fridge was not installed until June 30th. On June 27th of 2017 (less than a year after "new" machine installed), our ice maker stopped working.

Called a local guy who installed a new ice maker. Next day the entire fridge stopped working .... lost hundreds of dollars worth of food. Local guy looked at it ...

said it was the compressor and he would not fix it due to terrible reimbursement practices by LG. SO....called LG. Got the run around. Spent over 30 minutes waiting for "smart diagnosis" ...

finally connected and went through the "smart diagnosis" procedure. Lady tells me my fridge is not working (duh!!!!!). So much for their "smart diagnosis". They then said they would set me up with a LG repairman but first I had to purchase a service contract.

I had 2 choices. $440 for one year warranty or $380 for a one-time "warranty". They would not make an appointment for a repairman until I bought a warranty (despite the fact I knew the compressor was not working and the compressor was still under warranty). I bought the *** thing and they made an appointment for the next day sometime between noon - 5 pm.

Next day .... 5 pm .... no repairman. Called LG ....

after another run around, some guy with very thick accent speaking poor English tells me the repairman ordered a part that is on backorder and they don't know when it will be in and that the repairman will call when the part comes in. I freak out and demand to be put in touch with the repairman who never called to say he wasn't coming. They said they'd send him a message (note: he did get a message to call the customer but with no information about who the customer was). 6 pm I get a call from the repairman saying he is on his way (no apology for being very late or not calling).

He says he doesn't know what LG was talking about. He had planned on coming all along. He shows up. It is the compressor.

He has to order it. It is the 4th of July weekend, so he won't be back for 4 days....which means my fridge will have been out for over a week then. When he mentions he has 2 more calls that day, I ask him if he's going to call THOSE customers to tell them he's running late. No, he say.

LG shouldn't give me 11 calls in one day if they want him to have time to call customers. I am livid. How rude to the customer! Not much I can do.

He says he is the only LG certified repairman in the area. I am with a new unneeded $300 ice maker, an unneeded $440 "warranty" and no fridge .... just a $2700 piece of *** in my kitchen that is less than a year old --- remember -- this fridge wasn't in my home until June 30th of 2016. this means I have had two $2700 fridges go bad in less than 12 months and all LG will do is sell me an unneeded warranty.

No apologies. No help. I still sit here with no fridge, no part, no help, no customer service. Oh....and...during this same week, I have had a service call on my LG dryer with no answer as to why my overheating sensor keeps going off.

They have "done everything they can". Never buy one of these machines.

They are beautiful and when they work, they are great. But clearly they break down regularly and you will get no help from LG or their repairmen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lg Electronics Pros: Product appearance.

Lg Electronics Cons: Repair service, Product, Customer service, Warranty.

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We have had almost the exact same scenario with our 16 month old fridge. Did u ever get it fixed and if so, any advice because right now we seem stuck cause there is one repairman that's certified in our area and he is unresponsive.


I finally demanded to speak to someone "in charge " who had some authority. I got transferred to Executive Services.

The woman was not pleasant .... acted like i was being unreasonable to want my fridge working (by this time, I've been told compressors are on backorder until 7/18)...that they can't help it if parts are on backorder. She did however get me A refund on the warranty I was forced to pay for & she stayed on the line with me while we went through the various hoops to get this done. By the end of the 1 1/2 hour process she was beginning to see my frustrations were justified.

But I still don't have a,working fridge. Was told by repair guy he has 3 customers waiting for compressors right now. I guess I'd suggest getting so mad at the call center guy that he will agree to transfer you to Executive Services. Maybe you will get some movement there.

They seem to instill fear onto the other departments.

It sort of worked for me. Good luck!


They can't get paid from LG, that's why you can't get service, was told that by a couple Repair techs


Yes. We got the same response from 2 repair techs.

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