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It's 95°F in New York. I have a newborn baby. Your brand new product is not working. Your customer service is useless.

I just purchased this a week ago. Out of the box, no cold air was coming out of the unit.

After a 30 minute conversation with a representative with an extremely thick accent and poor command of the english language, I set an appointment for today (6/1) for repair.

Since no one showed up for repair, I called the number again to find out where the repair person is. I was informed that there was nothing scheduled under my name, address, or phone number and was asked if I would like to schedule a repair. Aside from being completely irate at this news, I agreed to a 6/3 appointment for repair. I was given a case # and the information for "Shivani" who was going to be taking care of my repair.

I decide to call Shivani just to see if it's at all possible to have someone visit sooner for a repair. I'm told that they have no idea who I am or what I'm talking about. I give them the case number. They maintain that LG doesn't know what they're talking about, they do not have my info, and to top it off they won't be able to make a repair visit until 6/5 at the earliest. "This can't be" I say..."LG just scheduled me for 6/3". I am informed again that they have no idea who I am, and that I can fax my proof of purchase receipt to them to schedule an appointment. I tell them that I will call LG to confirm everything, and get back to them.

3rd call to customer service. This representative has better english, but is still difficult to understand.

I go through the entire story again, and she says to call "Shivani" to confirm the appointment. After telling her that "there is nothing to confirm. Shivani has no idea who I am", she calls Shivani herself. She then comes back on and says I need to send my proof of purchase to Shivani in order to schedule an appointment. It dawns on me that the ONLY way to make an appointment, is to receive a case number from LG and THEN call Shivani to actually make an appointment.

NO WHERE in this process was I told to do this, which is why it's blistering hot and my family and I are miserable because our air conditioner does not work, and LG insists on hiring workers at a low cost to the company even though they have no business being on the phone in an English speaking company.

I am returning this product, and will never buy an LG product again. I buy value, and I buy reputation. If a company cannot manage their customer representatives to be useful and informative when their products do not work: then I want nothing to do with that company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Air Conditioner.

Monetary Loss: $353.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #658858

As you now realize, it is best to just return the thing to the store and buy another brand. I hope you did not fall for the extended warranty scam.

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