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How do you get a phone to work if it won't even factory reset

Bought a phone at a garage sale and went to reset it and it's all messed up. Can u help me

1 answer

If you have questions about products setup, use and care, repair and maintenance issues contact LG electronics customer service by phone at 800-243-0000.

Broke legs

by Keiona

Why such cheap legs on a 50 in. TV?

It’s 2 years old and I moved it exactly 2 times and the left leg broke! Can you send replacement leg. To get one it’s a joke and expensive, should your product have better quality for the money you spend.

I chose LG as I always heard good reviews! Thanks in advance

0 answers

My led

by Sheba

HI sir model 24 LH454 led display problem but not respond your customers care complain 23 July but not register in locokdown on time warrenty period led next time finish lockdown no any response your customers But why????

0 answers

What is LG Electronics customer service number to complain?

1 answer
On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center #1605264
You can contact Lg customer service rep on (800) 243-0000.

Where are LG appliances made?

1 answer
On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center #1605263
LG Electronics is a South Korean electronics company.

What about mobile?

by Liston

Do you have any mobile whos price is less then 500rs?

0 answers
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