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I could not figure out why I was getting rough spots on my white uniform since I work as a nurse and I put in brand new white uniforms and I ruined them all and I googled it and I thought it was maybe coming from something at that lodge piece of metal that got lodged in the tub itself the washer tub but it wasn’t that and then they suggested it could be your pipes resting so that was worrisome but then I figured out it’s the bleach dispenser which is been rusted around the bleach dispenser for months I can’t recall how long it’s been that way but it was getting worse but I figured it was just a problem with bleach corroding and of course it is and it ended up corroding all the inside which ended up getting into the load of wash Destroying a lot of my calls I finally googled LG I should’ve called them I’m going to call them but I googled it and found out there’s been a class action lawsuit and recalling all kinds of comments about other people having the same issue so I will call LG not very confident that they’re going to do anything but I too will not buy another LG products I just won’t use the bleach dispenser I guess but it’s coming loose now and it gets in the way of the tub rotating very discouraging

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

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