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My washing machine started to rust around the lid, dispenser and now I have noticed rust spots on my bedding from the drum. The bleach dispenser does not dispense the bleach.

I contacted customer service and they were of no help. They said it was out of warranty and I asked if that was normal for a washing machine to start rusting a couple of years after purchase. Does anyone happen to have a mailing address for any top executives of LG?

I would very much like to send photos of my washing machine and a letter explaining my situation. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I have had the same issue. Mine is more advanced because now the rust has gone all the way through so water is leaking back into the washing machine.

The repairman said the cost to repair is almost as much as a new washer. I filled out the info for the class action but I'm sure there is a long time before seeing anything about that.

Sadly, we have to get a new washing machine and the cost is on us. Thanks a lot LG.


I also have the aame problem and git no hlp from lg


Same issue. Pay top dollar only to have unit rust out due to a faulty paint job around bleach dispenser.


I have the same rust problem!!!!! So disappointed and mad!!


My front load LG washer is doing exactly the same this. But most of the drum on the door has rusted


Same problem. Extreme rust around the bleach dispenser.

I have a white set, about 4-5 years old.I can't use the bleach white setting because it causes orange stains on everything!I read something about a potential class-action lawsuit. Fingers crossed!


I also have an LG Washer with rust around the bleach dispenser and the detergent dispenser cup. It is ridiculous that a washing machine would rust at all!


Me too. I just filled out this: LG rust class action. https://chimicles.com/lg-washer-rust-class-action-investigation/

to mn #1477859

Thank you for sharing this. I called LG a couple of years ago and they were less than helpful, telling me it was user error...

to mn #1479405

I am having same problem. AE ...read my comment above or 8 should say complaint.

Was on the phone today with 4 different people including management for over an hour and a half. I have bad skin allergies and do not use Clorox very much at all. When I do I'll run it twice after what special cleaning stuff I have to make sure it is cleared out.

It's not just the poor rocks container it is another container on the back and on top of the lid. Have you had any success with this lawsuit or found out anything else about it?


Add me to the list of consumers with rust around the bleach dispenser on a top-load model WT5001C*. Based on the reviews reporting poor customer service related to this issue, I am going to attempt to remove the top panel of the machine, sand off the rust and repaint it.

And, then cease using the bleach dispenser.

I have had quite a few washers and dryers over the years.. never have seen one rust, anywhere.


I have the same issue. Got to be



This was not the machine I would have chosen as I always buy Kenmore.

My sister bought this machine for my mother when her Kenmore washing machine stopped working after many years of service.

If you have LG, make sure you hang on to the warranty.

When I told them that I had a Warranty on the machine, they told me they had no record of it!

I faxed a copy of the Warranty to them from my job. (I work in a law office) . I had no more issues with the warranty.

We had not had the LG for a year when the pump went out. It also started rusting around the bleach dispenser.

A gaping hole is where the dispenser used to be along with rust . The pump went out again so I have to purchase another washer for mom. The machine is 6 years old and has been a headache! I reported LG to Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau.



I have the same problem with my washer. I am on a list trying to get a suit filed against LG. Contact Zach at 610-649-1370


I just noticed the same thing about he rust around the dispenser. I'm trying to figure out how. I will not be buying an LG again.


We just had the same problem. We ordered a new door assembly, hinge, screws & lock and when my husband replaced them he noticed that the rust started from the dispenser, and went all the way down to the bottom of the door.

The hinge and screws were rusted badly. Wish we read your comments & threw it away before we spent the money for new parts.

But he did a nice job, spray painted & rust proofed the door & hinge. But we need to know why this is happening!


LG stands for Lousy Goods!!! I, too, have the same problem and they don't care - I even talked to several supervisors and they don't care!!

They blamed it on the "storage facilities" of Home Depot!!!! Don't even deal with them. Throw the junk out and buy something else.

They do NOT stand behind their products and never will. Junk!


My machine is 3 yrs old and rusting around bleach dispenser. Ihave extended warranty from Home Depot and they say it is cosmetic. Never buy lg again

Langley, Washington, United States #1282283

Same with out rusting around the soap dispenser door

Wood River, Illinois, United States #1246084

Mine does have considerable amount of rust around the bleach dispenser. Junk, never again.....

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