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My 4 year old LG washer started to rust around the bleach dispenser less than 2 years after buying this machine. The rusting has continued and now a larger area around the dispense is involved.

As the base metal has rusted under the porcelain finish it began to flake off. Today I scraped backed the damaged area, cleaned the heavy rust off the area with a Drummel tool, and primed the area with Rustoleum Rust Reformer. Tomorrow I will prime with a metal primer and follow with an epoxy finish coat. I believe a manufacturing error was made where in the edge of the bleach dispenser sheet metal cut out was not coated at the factory.

This left a raw metal edge where the rusting began and it continued up under the porcelain finish. This is the same process that happens to a car's sheet metal panels. While the repaired area will never match the existing factory finish I believe my rust problem has been solved. That being said, LG design, manufacturing, quality control, and response to customer complaints needs vast improvement.

This is a problem they know about but even after thousands of customer complaints they refuse to admit their culpability and stand behind their product. At the very least they should offer a repair kit for free or for a nominal cost so their customers can do the repair themselves.

Because of their poor customer service as it relates to this specific problem, it is doubtful that many former customers will ever buy another LG product. I count myself amoung those customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Same problem. The lid hinge rusted out and the top crashed down, dislocating my right thumb.

So add injury to inconvenience now. Do right by your customers, LG!!!


Same problem. It’s so bad the water leaks out on the floor


Same problem. :-(


Same problem. I was told this was cosmetic and therefore not covered under my extended warranty. Offered no assistance but blamed me for not running the clean cycle enough on the machine.Never buying LG again.


Same issue here. Rusting around bleach dispenser getting worse by the day and now up by the detergent cup is also rusting badly!!!

Something needs to be done about this for sure!! Washer is only 3 years old!!!

to Susie #1510084

We should start a petition and class action suit. We need 1000 signatures.

to Reece #1512144

Instead of saying "We should...." you must just start the petition and then you will find out if 1,000 people or more will join you. I know I will.

to labans #1548036

I will join.

to Reece #1523335

I will sign.kabarker@optonline.net

to Reece #1527025

Count me in rust is getting worse

to Reece #1553186

U got my signature

to Reece #1563762

I agree! Same problem.

Wish i knew how to post pictures.

If you decide to go forward with this, please contact me at joe. rolewicz@yahoo.com


After reading the angry comments and remarks on repairs I set about to repair my washer, a 5 cu ft toploader that is 4 years old. You can read below my failure with LG to get help.

They are the worst company and I will never buy an LG again and probably will not buy another appliance from Lowes either after I advise them.For my repair I could not see doing the work the way the other folks have suggested, which is to use a dremel or other tool to rip off the rust, then treat the metal and hope for the best.Instead I opted to replace the top cover. I found the part number and then called to buy it; the price was $89.00 and with shipping the bill came to $107.00. Meanwhile I began disassembly. This job is not difficult but does require a bit of time and one has to be very careful when taking components apart including taking the top cover off which in my case had a rusted clip and did not want to separate from the machine.

Once I disassembled everything I found a number of other rusted parts and a worn out rubber feed hose. The actual bleach dispenser had welded itself permanently to the top cover and would not come off. But it was also severely damaged by the rust even though it is plastic. Back to the phone where I order a complete new bleach dispenser along with a new feed hose and 8 clamps.

Next day the top cover arrives. However, it is the wrong one. Back to the phone where we spend 30 minutes trying to figure it out and they send a 2nd one out, this time overnight for free. It arrives and is still not the correct one.

Back on the phone and we do the same thing again with free overnight and the next one is wrong. Finally they send me a 4th top cover that still does not fit, but after careful measurements I realize that I can modify it to fit, although it will not be a perfect fit. Back to the phone where I share my frustration and the person I am talking with this time seems to be a seasoned, mature very intelligent parts person who spend a bunch of time with me cross referencing all the part numbers and then she call LG directly. After a rude conversation with her they tell her that the part has been discontinued and that she should just give up.

Yes, LG really was that rude to this wonderful parts person. Now that I knew the part was no longer available I went to work to fix the problem top cover. Meanwhile the other parts had arrived so I just reassembled as quickly as I could. When it came time to install the new bleach dispenser I coated the inside seam where the plastic meets the metal, with 100% Silicone and then once installed I did the same on the outside seam thereby ensuring that NO bleach could ever get down inside anywhere.

Completely sealed.This little saga took 10 days with all the shipping and parts; I could have done the whole thing in 1 day had I known which parts to pre-order. But it is finished now and I can splash bleach all over the top without worrying.And at the end of the day, my machine does not look like a junkyard repaired car done by a do-it-yourself mechanic.Just my two cents on how to correctly fix the rust problem---and it cost less than the other repairs noted and looks like new machine on top.


I have the same issue. The rust is getting really bad around the bleach dispenser on my Wave Force True Balance topload washing machine.

I called LG and they gave me a run around numerous times and told me it wasn’t covered under warranty. Horrible customer service, horrible company and horrible appliance for the money. I purchased mine from Sears and will never buy LG or buy an appliance again from Sears. This should have been recalled and replaced for no charge by LG.

I even asked them to just ship me the part and I’ll repair it myself.

They refused and said it’s not their problem. Seriously a defect that should be replaced at no charge.

to user89614310 #1526788

I have the same issue. I’m also having an issue with black mold in the machine and it smells like rotten eggs!

I clean the tub every several weeks and it does help! Anyone else having this problem??


I have same issue. I'm calling them today. They should replace or repair all ours washer,.


We bought ours in November 2012, and have recently noticed rust around the metal lip near the softener and detergent dispenser, but not by the bleach dispenser. After reading these complaints, I decided to check the underside of the lid back by where it hinges to the machine.

The underside of the lid is flaking with rust. I called the appliance store where we purchased, and they haven't ever had this complaint, but did echo that LG's customer service sucks. I think I will call them back to see if we can get the lid replaced, and I think we'll try to remove the rust and paint the edges of the metal lip ourselves.

Very disappointed, since this was such a highly rated machine when we bought it. Never again.


Ours has also rusted all the way through the metal. We have had the matching about 5 years.

Calling the company tomorrow hoping for a resolution. If not I will never buy LG again.


I have had the exact same problem with my washer. It started after only 2.5 years.

I called LG a number of times and argued fiercely with them but they told me to *** off. A very very rude company for customer service. They acted like it was my fault and refused to help. Bad people---they rival Apple in this aspect.

I like the washer very much---it does a very very very good job with cleaning my clothes etc.

but the rust was just too much and after being treated poorly twice I have to say I hate them.

I am going to spend the $100 and replace the entire top as I do not like the repair you did to yours.

In fact, I think your repair sucks.

If you spent $300 on the repair when could have bought a new top that matches for $100 then you made a big boo-boo. Here is part# for the top: MCK67395501

Who the *** will ever want to buy from a Korean company again?


I have the same issue, bleach dispenser is rusting and the rust is now spreading back to the soap dispensing area. LG is worthless at resolving.

Actually told me that I’m the 1st with this complaint! Warranty doesn’t cover , actually told me that it is my fault for not properly maintaining and cleaning around my bleach dispenser. I don’t even use bleach.

Dishonest, ridiculous company. I will NEVER buy another LG product.

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