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My 4 year old LG washer started to rust around the bleach dispenser less than 2 years after buying this machine. The rusting has continued and now a larger area around the dispense is involved.

As the base metal has rusted under the porcelain finish it began to flake off. Today I scraped backed the damaged area, cleaned the heavy rust off the area with a Drummel tool, and primed the area with Rustoleum Rust Reformer. Tomorrow I will prime with a metal primer and follow with an epoxy finish coat. I believe a manufacturing error was made where in the edge of the bleach dispenser sheet metal cut out was not coated at the factory.

This left a raw metal edge where the rusting began and it continued up under the porcelain finish. This is the same process that happens to a car's sheet metal panels. While the repaired area will never match the existing factory finish I believe my rust problem has been solved. That being said, LG design, manufacturing, quality control, and response to customer complaints needs vast improvement.

This is a problem they know about but even after thousands of customer complaints they refuse to admit their culpability and stand behind their product. At the very least they should offer a repair kit for free or for a nominal cost so their customers can do the repair themselves.

Because of their poor customer service as it relates to this specific problem, it is doubtful that many former customers will ever buy another LG product. I count myself amoung those customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I have model WT5070CW top load LG, bought from Sears in July of 2012. Had the flake issues and still do coming from the drum on to my clothes.

And, now the rust around the bleach dispenser. Called LG for both issues, they said nope cant help will offer a discount if you buy a new LG machine.

NOT. Will not buy them again.


I had similar issues! My top of the line washer and dryer cost $3K they were the most expensive Best Buy had.

I take care of my appliances and “knew” I would have them for many years. Shortly after the warranty expires on my washing machine it broke several times. LG did nothing to help.

Once I was nearing the mark of repair cost being as much as the washer itself I tossed it and got the cheapest Amana I could buy. It’s been an excellent washer for YEARS!


I have the exactly the same issue. Called LG offices but all refuse to help in any way.

Will not buy another LG product or suggest other buying LG product. Very sad.


LG replaced rusted components at no cgarge. Tech told me that it was due to a manufacturing issue of improper painting of the under side of the top. Now the hinges are rusting.


my washer rusted and they replaced the top and the new top rusted again. so I fix it myself I purchased a new Samsung, done with LG products.


I have the exact same thing. Occurred at 14 months.


Exact same problem with ours.


I have the same problem bought top-of-the-line washer and dryer in 2014 and the rust started around the bleach dispenser last year! There is no reason this should happen within four years of manufacturer. Will not buy an LG product again!


Rust and exposed metal all the way around the top of my top-loading LG Washer. The machine is 3 years old!

Ruining our laundry. Called, sent pics, emailed — LG said sorry can’t help. They said you need to wipe the machine down after each load. Worst company and customer service ever!!!!!!!!

They do not care — it’s clearly a manufactures defect. The paint chipped away.


Thank you for your repair tips! Same thing happened to mine :(


Same problem, rust around dispenser, hinges. Contacted LG customer service and they offered to sensed a service person to replace the top at my expense.

Yes to well me we were not getting bleach in correctly! Do a Google search, a law firm is trying to form up CA Suit against LG for this.


Same problem here.


Same problem. The lid hinge rusted out and the top crashed down, dislocating my right thumb.

So add injury to inconvenience now. Do right by your customers, LG!!!


Same problem. It’s so bad the water leaks out on the floor


Same problem. :-(


Same problem. I was told this was cosmetic and therefore not covered under my extended warranty. Offered no assistance but blamed me for not running the clean cycle enough on the machine.Never buying LG again.


Same issue here. Rusting around bleach dispenser getting worse by the day and now up by the detergent cup is also rusting badly!!!

Something needs to be done about this for sure!! Washer is only 3 years old!!!


We should start a petition and class action suit. We need 1000 signatures.


Instead of saying "We should...." you must just start the petition and then you will find out if 1,000 people or more will join you. I know I will.


I will join.