We purcashed your 5 yr extended warranty when we bought our $2300 in July 2010. This worked fine up until March 9,2011 when we had to have the ice flap and the two motors in the ice compartment replaced, worked fine until Aug.5,2011.

When once again it is sounding like an airplane taking off when it kicks in. And ER F1 shows on the display panel. We have replaced the filter three times in the last year!!!!

So I call the LG Co. they tell me to call my place where it was purchased, I do, they tell me I need to call the you.I do, you say I need ed to change the filter,I had just changed it a month before, so they tell me to unplug the unit,let it set 4 hrs, we let it set for 8 hrs!

Plug it back in,worked fine for a few, went off, unplug again let it set w/the door opened.

Plug it back in the next day, went off again an hour later.so I call back and they said that they would call the service and get an appt set up, u call back on the 8th of Aug. and said my appt was set up a week and a half later on the 15th of Aug. Not being happy about it taking so long, we handled it.

So today AUGUST 15,2011 at 958 a.m. I called the A&E Service Center to cancell the appointment. Why u ask, well becaause my fridge had worked for the past week and a half, why have them come all the way out here. BUT---AT approx. 2:15 p.m. I went to get ice and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!It did not work!!!!!!!

So I call the service center back,they tell me I needed to call u back and reschedule, I did that at 2:20 p.m. I called you. And whoever I talked to they said my appt was still scheduled for Tuesday 8/5/2011 between 8&5 p.m. and they would connect me to them right then but We had a doctor appt. we needed to get to. It was an hour and a half drive.

I told him that I would call the service company back as soon as I get home. I calld them back they and tell me my appt. was concelled and that I needed to call u and u were to call them to set up an appt. BUT I was told all I needed to do was give them my service agreement number to get it done,

I did just that, so I call u at 6:15 p.m. and I get please wait and the next available agent was be with u shortly. I waited 45 min on hold with that message coming on and off. I then goi to the computer and find out that u close at 5 p.m. Why in the world have that darn message on if u r closed??????? People use their cell phones alot now days for their calls and u just use up their minutes!

I am getting the run around on getting my Brand New Fridge fixed and I am sick of it. We work hard for our money just as u do and can not afford to just go out and spend $2300 on an item and have it go out in 13 months and not be able to get help when we need it.

This needs to get fixed and done now, or it will be turned over to the BBB and posted.

I am at my wits end with this!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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