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Repair "inspection" was vague. Requested clarification before phone sent back to me not repaired. Was assured by customer support that someone for the tech department would call with clarification. Never happened. 5 days later, called again (phone hadn't shipped just yet), was told the same. Again it never happened.

Phone shipped later that day, waited for it in hopes that perhaps I would receive a note with my phone. Again, nothing. Called back to customer service, more of the same. Wait for the call from tech department that is supposed to take 4-5 business days. Again, no call. So I called again a week later, same story given to me (4th time) so I finally asked to speak with a supervisor. Side note: at this point, it's been a month since I received my inspection report, just to give a timeline. I have names of the representatives I spoke with but I won't include it here because they were not rude.

Was given a man named Brandon in Executive Services with LG USA. Not helpful at all.

In so many words, Brandon told me that "If I received a repair inspection that specified exactly what parts inside my phone needed replacement I would not know what they were talking about." Just get it over with and say I'm *** already. Now, Brandon would probably say that I was raising my voice, but wouldn't you after someone told you that? And not only did he say it once, he said it at least 2 more times. Thanks for the great customer service. Not

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Repair.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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We regret the inconvenience you had to face and would like to help resolve this issue on priority basis. We have made a note of your complaint and request you to kindly provide us with your service request number/complaint number or contact details so that we can look into the matter.


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