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Guess who still does not have a functional refrigerator. I have never ever been so disappointed in all my life. We have been without a functional refrigerator now since the weekend of June 15. By no means should I ever have to "fight" this hard to have an appliance replaced opposed to repair when; 1: I've only owned the unite for 48 hours before it began to fail,; 2: am advised the repairs required to the unit are "major" repairs. This sort of situation should be a no brainier. If you pay $3200 for an appliance that works for 2 days I don't want a refurbished unit. Not to mention the loss of perishable items due to the failed unit. Being forced to reschedule a housewarming, being forced to feed a family of 4 on take out and to live from a cooler when I have a $3200 piece of furniture still sitting in my kitchen. I have since been advised that LG does not/will not reimburse for loss of perishable items due to a manufacturer problem. I spoke to supervisor escalations on a number of occasions. My last conversation with Bonnie (supervisor) advised advised me that LG would not be reimbursing me and there isn't a manager in any department that can help me. Furthermore if there was nothing else I wanted to discuss she was going to disconnect the call now. I am beside myself, my disappointment at this point is immeasurable.....but I'm sure my attorney can find a suitable measurement of compensation.

Buyers beware, reviews like these are rejected and omitted from the LG appliance website. This is not only misleading but a blatant misrepresentation of the quality of the appliance and the level of service.

Reference #: RNM130619019695

Model#: LFX28978ST

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $3200.

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