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I purchased a $2800 LG French Door refrigerator less than 6 mos ago. I received a call from LG customer service staing that I need to have some warranty work done on my perfectly working refrigerator.

The repairman came 10/31as scheduled, later that night I realized the ice machine wasn't working and all the ice had melted. The next morning I checked it again and everything in the freezer had defrosted! I called Customer Service immediately and was told by a manager that a repairman couldn't come until Monday (almost 5 days) and that they do not reimburse food loss! My refrigerator was working just fine before all of this!

Now I'm totally screwed with about $300 of ruined food! They only escalation the manager could give me was an address for customer complaints!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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