I purchased a Front load LG washer..Model #WM3470HWA on March 30, 2012

I am so unhappy with this machine. The clothes do not get totally wet when using a normal cotton wash cycle. Which is what I usually do. Our laundry doesn't get filthy so normal would be what I use. Oh sure the clothes come out damp & not really wet. That's because they NEVER REALLY GET THOROUGHLY WET!!!! I did a white load on "normal cotton" with bleach. I had a colored bath towel in that I didn't mind if it faded, well it came out all spotted. This certainly tells me that this towel did not get totally wet. Now what does this say to the fact that if a guest in my home had used this towel & I put it back in the linen closet for my use, I WOULD BE USING A DIRTY TOWEL. Don't be fooled by the idea that the clothes get spun out really good & the machine doesn't use a lot of water. This is because the machine only SPRAYS water on the clothes while agitating them but they don't really get clean. I am very disgusted with this machine.

If you own this machine, try mixing a big colored bath towel in with a white bleach wash & set the machine to cotton normal & see for yourself! If the towel comes out with fade SPOTS, then you know it NEVER REALLY GOT TOTALLY WET OR CLEANED!!

Also I thoroughly wipe the door & seals after every wash & drain the water from the bottom hose. I'd rather be safe than sorry & not get mold & mildew in my machine. This is another MAJOR CHORE. I used to do a small wash when I had only a few items in my top loader, now it takes all day & I have to baby sit the laundry because it's not a good idea to put a wash on & not take it out as soon as it's done.So if I need to leave for several hours & dry clothes when I get home, that's not advisable. Laundry is now AN ALL DAY AFFAIR & A MAJOR CHORE. I am not happy with this machine & now I will have anxiety every time I need to do laundry!!

I have tried to send a comment to Lg but it came back to me as unacceptable!

I did contact the seller, Best Buy, about returning this machine and replacing it with a top loader but I got NO RESPONSE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

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