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(1-800-626-2001) This is a number that I have come to know by heart! Not by choice! You may recognize the number as the number for Customer Service for LG Appliances. We purchased our DREAM LG Appliances, Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave and Dishwasher for close to 8000.00 back in Feb. 2008 from Bernie's in Waterbury CT…and have nothing but trouble ever since!

After doing what we thought was research in reference to company and integrity we found LG was announcing a Cross Licensing Agreement with GE. What better company, GE is a household name that has a lot of history in the United States and one that stands behind their products. GE happens to also be one of the biggest players in the wind power industry that is up and coming. This information meant a lot to fiancé and me as far as energy conservation goes. We had read a quote by Young Ha Lee the President and CEO of LG Electronics and Digital Appliance Company. He stated that "the licensing agreement would enhance the ability to deliver WINNING PRODUCTS and move the company further toward the goal of becoming one of the top global brands in consumer electronics and home appliances." This could not be farther from the truth as far as we are concerned. We have had a number of service calls on our stove and have had many parts replaced….only to have the stove still not work! I came home only yesterday to find the freezer had flooded my kitchen floor in solid ice chunks. That is a whole different letter…so let us only concentrate on the stove, the reason I am writing this letter to begin with.

After the trouble we had we decided to research complaints on LG appliances to see if we were the only ones out there experiencing these problems. I thought…after all, that since my fiancé was a contractor and had some experience in buying quality products for peoples homes and referring a number of his clients to Home Depot to purchase the LG products that we had made the right decision when It came time for us to buy new home appliances. We were we sadly mistaken, and are extremely disappointed! Needless to say, with the purchase of our second house finalized we will not be purchasing LG products to furnish it with! Nor will my fiancé be referring clients from his contracting business to purchase any LG products!

In these economic times, you would expect a company like LG to deliver quality items to ensure that customers return. As I stated above my fiancé and I researched the complaints and found that it was not only us experiencing such trouble. Below you will find a number of comments made In reference to LG products. The reputation of LG is on the decline…I only hope that GE is not involved in this.

"Life is not good with LG!"Oh how sorry I am that I didn't read the negative comments first!""Please, Please, Please, avoid purchasing LG appliances!""LG is junk!""I should have stuck with American brands!""LG should be placed under investigation for defrauding customers!""Sid Miller no longer carries LG due to customer complaints!""LG sold us a defective machine and is not an honorable company!""Whatever you do, do not buy LG!""LG is putting out poor quality and not covering warranties!"

I could go on for hours with the extensive number of complaints found online. I will however stop here and say; that if we do end up getting the stove replaced at this point it has been such a hassle. We both work over an hour from our house, and as you can imagine it has not been easy getting to our house to let the service guys in not once, but 5 times. I have had to take PTO from work to make it to the house for the designated service calls. Not to mention, the meals my fiancé and I have had to pay for to be able to eat. Eating out or having to schlep meals to my mothers to cook has been a complete nightmare!

The straw that broke the camels back came on Christmas Eve when finally the stove was said to be fixed. We invited family to our house for "7 fishes", a family and religious tradition. The oven decided that once again it was not going to work. So…with 15 people at our house and over 150.00 dollars worth of fish to be cooked what were we to do? It took over 5 hours to cook (and still wasn't done right) on convection oven with the temperature saying 500 degrees. Needless to say, Christmas Eve was a disaster and my family went home hungry. We may as well have thrown 150.00 into the garbage because that is where all the fish went! We did not appreciate spending our hard earned money on the stove to have it fail us.

I thought that my fiancé and I had been reasonable when dealing with all of the service calls and time taken off work. I feel that we have been more then understanding. The problem is that at this point I feel from my gathered information that I would like to receive a refund on this disastrous purchase or to be authorized to purchase a different more reliable brand.

I do not want another LG product since LG doesn't stand behind their products. The LG appliances look very good, almost commercial grade…great addition to your kitchen so long as you don't have to use them. Not only are they DANGEROUS with the turning on and off by themselves, but are the most unreliable pieces of equipment available. I will make sure via word of mouth that none of my close friends, family, and or co-workers makes a purchase from LG in the future!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Microwave.

Monetary Loss: $7800.

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I have my LG gas range for 18 months, I smell gas leak and found out that one of the burner still leaks gas after the turn off. I call LG and was told to contact their authorized repair service but received no reply(I email and by phone).

The range is nothing but problems since I got it. Just few months after the the installation, 3 out of the 5 control knobs broke and I call LG for replacement but was told it was due to my mis-usage and it is out of warranty. LG never stands behind their products.

If you still want LG after reading this review, make sure you buy a good homeowner insurance policy and prey . Good luck


I run a small appliance repair company that worked for goldstar / lg in the early 2000's

they were no better then, each warranty repair required multiple faxing of the consumer purchase reciept, and then a minimum 6 week wait for approval and then even longer to get the part. Blame stores like home depot and best buy for selling this junk and destroying little companies like fedders usa in Illinos, because LG made a offer pennies cheaper to buy there products, talk to a servicer before you buy a appliance to get the truth, if you buy extended warranties get the manufacturer warranty not the big box warranty, which is worthless in most cases, best case senario is to buy from a small appliance store, that needs your business and worries about the consumer not the wall street stock rating!


I have a convention stove from lg and it is is 18 months old already was serviced once for over heating and is now doing it again i can't even use the oven turn it to 325 and it goes up to 500 the fire dept has been to my house 3 times because of this stove. do not buy a lg.

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