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Have tried reaching out to LG on multiple occasions. Between our electronics, washer and dryer and all of the appliances in our home, everything is LG.

Dryer drum completely separated, as in it cracked at the weld points. This was a top of the line unit, the most expensive option Best Buy offered. Luckily warranty covered it but it was a giant pain. I had never had a dryer do that let alone one that was practically new.

Washer broke out of warranty more times than I can count, LG refused to help. After spending more in repairs than the dryer was worth, I gave up and bought the cheapest Amana I could find and it’s been an amazing washer for years. Now after my ice machine breaking, and now the refrigerator no longer cooling I paid $95 just for the repair guy to tell me the compressor is broken and it will cost $1,100 to fix?????? I tried to ask for an out of warranty exception from LG given my loyalty but they refused!

You think after spending over $10,000 in electronics and appliances they would appreciate me as a customer more. They offered to send a tech out to repair at 100% my cost or give me a 20% discount on another fridge!!!!

Never again LG!!! I’m embarrassed by how much money I have spent with you and how many customers I’ve sent to you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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$10,000 means nothing to a giant multinational corporation like Lucky Goldstar. It's less than one second's worth of production at some far east factory. To us, it's our hard earned money ; to them, just another fish in the sea.

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