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My dishwasher is aporox 3 yrs old. It's stainless.

It started rusting on the door. I called customer service got to speak to you know non American hard to understand ***. Who told me to clean it. I said really it's rusting it's not dirty.

He said he couldn't help me. I demanded to speak to his supervisor. He asked me why? I said I want to speak to someone who can help me.

He put me on hold forever, came back said his supervisor was too busy to get on the phone. I said I will wait. He put me back on hold forever again. He came back on the phone and said give me your email address?

I said why do you need my email address? He said I'll email you and ten u can email me picture of the door. I said why don't you just give me your email and I'll email you the picture? He have me his email I sent the picture while on phone with him.

He emailed me back and said he got it and would email be back that afternoon. Well 2 plus weeks later and 5 emails to him he finally responded that they won't help me because it's out of warranty! Really 3 years old and stainless SHOULD NOT RUST.

I'm left with going to the BBB.. Will never buy LG again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #771422

Stainless steel can get rust spots. If it is not rusted through, you can remove them with a little CLR.

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