New appliances bought Oct 2008. Early June the LG ceramic stove starts acting up, burner only go to high.

Looked on line to see about repair and found out stove was recalled in 2012. No notice was sent. 1st rep that I talked to said I would be contacted in 5-10 days while my claim was being processed. No call back.

I called again and was given the name of a repair center that would be contacting me in 5-10 days. I waited. Then I called that company and was told that they declined it due to distance over 25 miles ( Im 35 from them ) I called LG again. I was put on hold while they contacted the repair man.

Then told it would be yet another wait. After another week I was given the name of another company. I called that company. They were waiting on the part.

I waited another week and then their excuse was a worker quit. Another week put me into mid August and the part arrived broken according to repair company. I called LG who put me on hold while they verified that. Then it took the repair man a week to reorder.

I looked up LG on facebook and was pm'd to quit being a troll and was told someone was working on it. I called and I asked to talk to a supervisor. They were very empathic but nothing happened. I was told to get original paper work from purchase and to fax it.

That was done. Today I was offered 370 $, maybe, after they pick up and inspect it. It is not my fault they can not get a part and a repair man to my house. I live in north east Ohio, not the Artic Circle.

LG is willing to pay someone to come and pick up and ship my stove but not fix it ??? How am I to trust them to send me a check. 2 weeks into this my LG side by side fridge died also. Please do your homework before purchasing an LG product.

Yes they do look pretty but looks can be deceiving. The service reps are very friendly and pleasant but that does not get your appliance fixed.


Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Repair.

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