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I'm led to write and file a corporate claim against LG USA based on my absolutely terrible and unprofessional service I've experienced, as well as the rude and false way I've been treated. I have been an avid HTC supporter and fan for the past 10 years, owning 12+ HTC devices in that time. I've never had any problem with them or the customer service/support when their devices fail or malfunction. However, this year I decided to jump ship and purchase an LG G4 smartphone, which I've been extremely pleased with and very happy with my decision to change brands and explore LG's technology. Since then I also purchased an LG TV as well as DVD player.

Then I experienced the terrible support and management system that is in place regarding warranty and customer service. After much review and research, I purchased my LG G4 device pre-sale in/around the very beginning of April 2015 (to the best of my memory). The phone performed well and met my expectations until November 1025, when one night it began to feel very warm and the phone began shutting down and rebooting..over and over and over again. I attempted to perform a hard reset, but it wouldn't even let me into the boot-loader to perform a reset. After looking online, I found that other people were having the same issue with the device, and that it appears to be a hardware/internal issue with the device. I called LG Customer Care the next day, and spoke with them. They understood the problem and issued me a cal tag to send the device in for warranty repairs. During shipment , FedEx damaged the screen of the device (small crack or chip on the screen), and several days later LG notified me via email that they would no longer warranty the device because of the physical damage (regardless of the fact that the phone had an internal fault, and should be recalled/supported by LG). I filed a claim with FedEx, who accepted responsibility and sent LG a check to cover the screen damage. LG then sat on my claim, and it took them another 1.5/2 weeks (AFTER THEY ALREADY HAD THE CLAIM MONEY FROM FEDEX) before they reissued me a new call tag and a new Return Authorization. After much frustration with LG, they agreed to inclinate and expedite my claim and have the device repaired and returned to me quickly. Where it stands now, LG has had my device for 10 days now, and has done nothing with it. I've tried calling nearly every day, and nobody can tell me anything about it. Since nobody wants to deal with this now "rat's nest" of a problem, I've had customer service representatives hang up on me 3 different times. Managers promise to call back and send emails, requesting information and find out why my device has just been sitting around somewhere, un-repaired. It's now been 6 weeks since my device began overheating/reset looping, and I demand to know why. Yet, nobody can tell me, or give me any information. 6 weeks is ridiculous. The system is quite obviously flawed, and the Customer Service managers obviously are either completely inept, or just do not have the correct tools to be able to make anything happen.

I'm now filing a corporate claim into the neglectful, inefficient, and unprofessional manner that LG USA customer service/technical support is representing LG ELECTRONICS CO. which has clearly been shown to me via this nightmare I've had to deal with. I'm nearly going crazy with anger that it's taken this long, and that there has been no progress. 6 weeks to fix a hardware/manufacture defect on a 6 month old phone. Unbelievable. Even worse, I've been paying for the monthly lease of the device THAT I DO NOT HAVE, which LG needs to reimburse me for. LG USA has shown an extremely flawed and broken system, that desperately needs to be addressed. LG ELECTRONICS CO needs to both be aware of this, as well as address my loss and concern personally. I am shocked that, in 2015, huge companies like LG can still have massive miscommunication issues, terrible customer support and service, and awful device support and warranty support. I'm literally holding on to this one last hope that LG CORPORATE can and will make something happen to back up their device and be responsible for my complete experience. For a first-time LG buyer, this is an absolutely huge consumer let-down, and I'm reluctant to ever buy anything LG again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Lg Electronics Cons: Lack of after-sales service.

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I agree...there are a lot of similar reports online regarding electrical fires in dishwashers that LG doesn't seem to care about recalling. I will not buy from a company that doesn't care if they burn down my house. Did you have any luck with your legal action?

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