I am really unhappy after buying a TV of Rs 1,50,000 of LG.

I had bought this TV 1 year back from Vijay Sales Pune.

My warranty expired in the end of June.

I was out of station and when I returned I see that my HD usb is not working. When I called the customer sevice represetative from LG. He informed me that the main board of the TV is spoilt due to the Set top box provided by my cable operator. When I asked him to send me in writing that the problem is due to the Set top box, he refused to do so and also refused to answer my calls.

On top of that he started cross selling stating that I should buy a 2 year warranty of Rs 34000. Should I just keep spending my money on such products? On the other hand when my friend faced a problem on Purchasing a TV from Sony, he got splendid service.

I am totally unsatisfied and if you do not come up with a solution I will be forced to move the court. Let me know at the earliest.

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