Our washer and dryer were to be delivered on Saturday 6/30, but "the truck did not show up".

Nowbody called us concerning new delivery time. I spent one hour on the phone trying to find this out, only to be told that the earliest delivery will be next Saturday (later magnanimously changed to Friday).

The W/D is in Denver, but LG has no means or willingness to make up for the inconvenience and deliver them first to those who it stood up! We bought this LG product at Home Depot primarily because of the promised quick delivery time (5 days). It started as a nightmare, with dirty cloths piling up and the Holiday weekend spoiled. Hope the W/D will work better than your delivery line.

LG representatives who were unwilling/unable to help us:

Rhonda, VA call center, employee ID 521058

Christine (supervisor), NJ headquarters, tel 201-266-2004, refused to give her employee ID

Please reconsider company policy.



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