Two error codes on the refrigerator showed there was a problem with the ice maker. Made call to LG got a run around from them and the ONLY REPAIR COMPANY THEY USE IN CHARLOTTE.

Nothing from half truths from LG and Repair company.

Why does a consumer have to wait 30 days for parts to be delivered to the vendor and why can't both of them tell the truth. I can get someone else to make the repair and have the part expressed to them but LG won't give them approval. If I am paying for the repair and the frig is under warranty why can't LG give this vendor approval to order the part. I shouldn't have to pay for a part that's still under warranty.

It's insane why a company as big as LG won't work with a customer on an issue like this.

I'll never tell anyone to purchase any of your products based on the problem I've had with you. NOT customer friendly at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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