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I purchased 4 LG VU's for myself and my three daughters. And, in about a year all of them had malfunctioned. Withe one of my daughter's phones the screen just froze and never worked again. So, she had to use a friend's old phone because I wasn't buying another one, or paying $50.00 for the insurance, just yet.

My VU would send random data packets out over the Internet, and AT&T tried to bill me $300 for internet usage. But I refused to pay, arguing that I had been a customer since they took over Cingular, and I've rarely ever use the internet.

Eventually, one daughter's screen cracked internally, so I gave her mine and I just used an old phone. Finally, the last two VU's began freezing periodically, and they stopped holding a charge. For a while, the girls were able to use the phones while plugged into the charger. But that finally came to an end. They both died, and both batteries were swollen.

Personally, I believe AT&T benefits from selling phones that malfunction in about a year. That way, they are able to sell more phones and keep customers locked into contracts without being held to any standard with regard to customer satisfaction. My home phone, internet and cable TV are all with AT&T. But, that is about to change.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

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:( i would be soo mad!...beacus you and your chilren dont have the phones you would perfer!!

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