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I asked Troy for held in setting up my LG DVD burner. He told me that it was "Plug n Play". well it plugged and connected and there was no way to see if it was working.

I told Troy, who should be given further training, that I was using a Mac. He told me to call Apple.

I didn't buy the burner from Apple and it is not an Apple product. I bought it from Best Buy and it is going back there.

I own many consumer electronic products and have never made a complaint about support.

Goodbye LG, I will relate my experience to as many folks as I can.

Troy has bought, for LG, tens of thousands of dollars worth of bad advertising.

Captain Albert Nalven

Master Mariner

US Merchant Marine.

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The box lists Mac and my Mac was well within the parameters .

An unknowledgeable and rude technician is the issue.


I thought I could advise you until I see you have a Mac. I have had a few of these dvd burners over the years and usually you just swap out the old for the new and when you reboot, the operating system will recognise it automatically.

You can tell in device manager if it is recognised, or, even simpler, go to the drive letter for it and see if it there, for ex: J, E, etc. right click on it and then properties.

However, on a Mac, all bets are off.

You might want to make sure the burner will actually work on a Mac. Check the info from the box or on the box itself for "system requirements"

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