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We got a refrigerator from LG for over $2000 and it was delivered to us with a defective door. They told us it was an easy fix so we trusted them.

They kept sending up new technicians that would order that same door and it would come with dents and ripples. We had at least 8 doors with the same dents and ripples (some worse then others). I spend at least 50 hours on the phone with, as I believe, every department they have. I kept getting the round around of a life time.

Always promising to have a call back by this person or that one and not once did anyone call me. This company customer service is a nightmare!!!! Finally LG said that this is how they make them, this is how they make their refrigerators...DEFECTIVE! Well, we don't want your dented and rippled refrigerator standing in out kitchen, but they wont let us exchange it or return it.

I didn't just pay so much money for this poor quality product. If I knew that this is how they make them I would have gone with a different company all together.

I highly don't recommend LG appliances to anyone and I have one standing in my kitchen as proof of the cheap and poor quality they do. A perfect advertisement of why no one should get LG products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lg Electronics Cons: Defective product no support from lg, Are a garbage company, Poor customer service.

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"they" as in LG customer service/ executive support department. We saw/got it from RC Willey.

We saw this refrigerator on the flood and we made sure it was one we wanted before purchasing it. On the flood the dents and ripples were not on the refrigerator. And it's pretty common sense that a new $2000 refrigerator shouldn't have that kinda damage on it. The LG representatives said that this is how they make them at the LG refrigerator factory or wherever they are made.

I have been trying to deal with this issue for almost a year. Im seriously running out of options because LG will not do anything for me even tho I have warranty still.

They said they don't return/exchange cosmetic issues even tho this issue was caused by them and their factory. Im so irritated with having spent so much money on a new refrigerator and them sending me a defective product and not taking any reasonability for it.


Who is this "they" who will not "allow" you to return a new product ? How and where did you see an example or image of the unit prior to purchase which would have led you to certain expectations of the product for which you spent a considerable sum ?

QUOTE : " If I knew that this is how they make them I would have gone with a different company " leads me to think you didn't actually see one before buying and were not in a place where several makes/models were side by side. Did you purchase it from a local, catalog, online, ? ...

I don't think you should give up on your money so easily as there have been at least 7 admissions of unsatisfactory service attempts as you have indicated. Don't forget to recoup the sales tax as well.