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Update by user Jul 12, 2017

Nothing Happened from LG support and the problem is still not resolved LG is still unable to fix their own products and leaving customers spending an entire 40+ degree hot summer without refrigirator They are pushing customers to take legal action So Sad

Update by user Jun 13, 2017

Dear Sirs.

The problem started when our LG Refrigerator stopped cooling 2 years ago, we have called the formal LG Support in EGYPT through the Egyptian support number and they have replied that they will schedule a visit and come back to us – they never showed up and during that time we have tried multiple times to reset the refrigerator and fortunately it worked around 60 to 70 % of its cooling power

After that incident with almost 2 years the refrigerator cooling system totally mal function and it was clear that we need a spare part replacement to fix it – This time we have called the support again and kept following up till they showed up and checked the problem – they have confirmed that the refrigerator needs a new electronic cooling mother board (controller) in order to work again

They have left us for almost a 3 months without a reply then came back to inform us that they couldnt find a spare part for the electronic cooling motherboard by means we have to scrap the entire fridge and they cannot help us to fix it

I have tried to contact Egypt LG support and sent multiple emails to all online escalation (; means to LG with no reply or even a direction to fix our fridge in the summer time

Our main questions is how in less than 5 years we can not fix our LG refrigerator weather through the warranty or not – we believe that the problem was not a miss use or electric outage or any reason from us If LG support can not help us who could !!!! and finally if LG support have showed up 2 years ago when the problem started the refrigerator would have been fixed Kindly find below our refrigerator information Model – LG - B652YSB Gross – 650 Volume – 533 Class T – 662 e Freezing Temperature - -18 Freezing capacity – 9.5 Kg 24h Defrosting system – full automatic (healer defrost)

Original review posted by user Jun 12, 2017

In Summary we have bought LG Fridge and the first time it mal function in less than 5 years the formal support in Egypt came and took the mal function electronic Card and never showed up again for more than 3 months and left us with unfunctional fridge and last week they returned it unfixed to tell us that we have a peace of scrap metal in our home that cannot be fixed by its own company !!!!! it is a total failure to be unable to fix your own products in less than 5 years for the first time it mal function I am searching for a lawyer to sue them .....

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lg Electronics Cons: Dont have support or formal excalation process.

  • LG sucks
  • Lg Scam
  • Lg Products Junk
  • Lg Support Failure
  • Lg Fridge Scam
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