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I am a single person and wash 2 loads of clothes once a week. My warranty expired so when the washing machine door locked and could not be opened a technican came out and opened it and charged me $75.00.

Then 30 days later the door locked again and this time the technician could not open it and it cost $200.00 to replace the entire locking system. This is a dangerous locking system and LG will not reimburse me nor will they tell me who manufactured the defective lock. This is a safety issue. If your child climbed in and shut the would have to use a sledge hammer to get them out!

I only had clothes that were damaged after 6 days in the washing machine. LG is not customer friendly and doesn't care about SAFETY it is all about money to them. I will NEVER buy any LG product and am writing on every web site possible. Terrible company.

And oh by the way I did speak with Valerie at LG in Executive Escalations before writing this.

She said " We will not be offering you compensation for out of warranty repairs" and she said "we can't solve the problem" and she said the lock manufacturer was "propiertary information". I have a horrible washing machine and a dealing with a company that is not concerned with safety is alarming.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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