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I bought a new LG washer and dryer (plus stands) on 9/7/09. Washer began leaking a few weeks ago. School finally ended (I am a teacher) and the repairman came and said the bearings are "shot". Shot? Really? The machine hasn't even spent 5 years here and, as there are only 2 in our family, it doesn't work too hard, anyhow.

The first Live Chat with LG goes poorly as Rod effectively hangs up on me ("Rod has exited the chat session"). The second man, Gus, is nicer but still can do nothing, at least partly because of his lousy math. See transcript below:

"Gus: We would have been able to assist if it was under 5 years old. But in this case the unit was made in February 2009. Its over 7 years old."

Seven?? Seven??? Count the years, Gus, it's just over 5 since it was built and I have owned it under 5. Regardless, a $1349.98 clothes washer (plus $229.97 for the stand) was built to break irreparably within somewhere around 5 years? Really? For this I paid nearly $4000.00 for a new washer and dryer?

Never again. Never never never again. Life isn't good with LG at all.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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