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Bought a beautiful LG top loading washing machine a little over 2 years ago, paid little over $750 for it. It came with a 10 year warranty so I thought I was getting a great deal.

Turns out I was wrong. My clothes never smelled as fresh as I was used to them smelling but I just chalked it up to having an energy efficient machine. Well the week before Christmas my washing machine just quit! Being that it is equipped with the smart diagnosis feature I was optimistic that the issue would be resolved and resolved quickly.

We pulled out the guide and paperwork followed all the steps which got us no where so we had to call LG and get a service call. We were informed that the service call would be upfront charge of $125 and that while the machine was under a warranty that it did not cover labor, service all and some parts. I was happy that our technician was able to come out so quick (like a day after calling) and again I was optimistic that he would get my machine up and running. Wrong again!

He couldn’t say exactly what was wrong with it. Had it narrowed down to 3 different issues. All of these issues required parts that he did not have and that he was going to order all 3 of them just to make sure he could get us up and going. I was not very happy with the situation but appreciated him being so thorough and waited for his follow up on the parts.

A week goes by he gets 2/3 parts in. He comes out and tries them both and nope they don’t get it going. He tells us that he was afraid of this issue and that our machine needs a new motherboard. Which is on back order and he has no idea as to when it might be coming in.

We inquired as to our costs on repairs and we after him coming out 2 and with 2 new parts we were out looking at $320 Plus so far. New motherboard another $100 Plus labor. I was simply disgusted at the thought in putting in another $420+ on a washing machine that is just over 2 years old. I got online and researched my washing machine model.

It appears that my LG washing machine is a LEMON! Lots of unhappy customers have posted the very same issue with their LG machine going out all because of the motherboard hence the reason that part is on back order. After seeing all of the myriad amount of issues I decided to cut my losses on this money guzzler and go back to an old school whirlpool machine. I did call in an complain and all I got was my $320 fees for parts, service call waived.

Which is guess is better than nothing but I will NEVER buy anything LG ever again in this lifetime.

I will use every bit of social Media I have access too and every opportunity that comes my way to talk about my *** purchase and lack of warranty coverage. LG stinks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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LG does suck!