This company has had my smart phone for over two weeks. They cannot find it and the answer to this was just to continue waiting.

My smartphone over heated to the point my charging port burnt, the charging cable burnt and it put a hairline crack on my screen. I have called every day since sending my phone in and keep being told i just have to keep waiting. told today that even if that results in them having my phone for 6 months...... oh well.

i just have to wait. how is it ok for a company to treat their customers their customers this way? The customer service has been horrendous!!! From them handing up on me to not have to deal with me to transferring to some random cellular carrier.

i know i wont bankrupt the company with my decisions but i will NEVER buy another LG product. They just lost a loyal customer.

Reviewer is in happy mood. Please contact the author of this review to discuss "nothing with this experience " of lg g4 cell phone. Lg Electronics needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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