i purchased an LG refrigerator from Home Depot 4 months ago. 1 month after the refrigerator had been installed, it stopped cooling. i tried to exchange it for a new fridge, but Home Depot had told me to call LG. i called the 1800 number and told customer service what had happened.

#1. could not understand a word this person had said to me

#2. explained to her for over an hour that my fridge wasn't cooling.

Finally, she had scheduled for an LG technician to repair my fridge.

When the repairman came, he took one look at my refrigerator and told me that i needed a new compressor. He left, and ordered a compressor. (this process took a week)

A day after he changed the compressor, my refrigerator wasn't cooling. again. so i called LG and had to repeat the same process.

Another technician came out, and said there was something else wrong. He left, ordered the part and came back a week later.

At this point, i'm fuming. i purchased this less than 2 months ago, i shouldn't have to have technicians coming in and out of my house 4 times.

after the second part was replaced, i was still experiencing the same problem, which is when LG had told a technician to come to my house and call their tech support hotline? -- he was at my house for 2 hours on the phone with tech support.

I have two kids at home, one is 3, the other is 14 months. I need a working refrigerator. Until this day, my refrigerator is not working, they are sending another technician tomorrow - which doesn't make sense to me, they had already replaced 3 parts. are they planning on replacing every single part in this refrigerator? - and they are not replacing my refrigerator.

am i supposed to buy a new refrigerator so i can have food while they keep trying to fix this one?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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