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Why I would never ever by an LG Product again.

I Purchased a Washer and Dryer with stands from Best Buy in Elk Grove, total cost of almost $3200.00, from Best Buy in Elk Grove actually leases out their appliance sales to Pacific Sales. My purchase was made on 9/13/12. The washer and dryer were delivered to my home the next day. I live in a rural area about 30 miles from a large city. However, there was no problem making the purchase or having it delivered.

On 12/17/12 I found that my washer completely stopped working. (We did have a PGE outage the day prior) It was like the power was not on—nothing would light up. The electrical outlet it was plugged into was fine. I called the service number given to me by Pacific Sales (800-464-0484) on 12/18. I spent 40 minutes on the phone being transferred from place to place. By the end of the conversation I found that I had been transferred to LG and that they had no service center in my area. I was told it would take 5 business days to locate one—once they did they would call me back to schedule an appointment. I requested a supervisor as that is totally unacceptable to wait a week to even schedule an appointment. My washer is less than 3 months old—doesn’t work and you want me to wait for a week for a call back. Funny they could sell one me one and deliver it but I can’t get a new one serviced!! The supervisor Erica said she would do the best she could but could not make any promises! She would try to get me a call back the next day.

12/19/12 I called the reward zone at best buy to see if they could help. They contacted the Geek squad but said they could do nothing. I had to go thru Pacific Sales. So 1 hour and 20 minutes later I had been transferred from Pacific Sales to LG again, and spoke to Teegan. Again I am told there is no one who provides service in my area – which they would have to continue to research. They requested it escalated once again. That supervisor’s name supposedly was Kathie. They would continue and call me back when they had info.

12/20 I still received no call back. This time I decided to call Pacific Sales in Elk Grove where I purchased the washer and dryer. I spoke with Melissa in customer service. She extremely understanding and spoke to her boss many times in order to rectify the situation. They both thought it was ridiculous that they can sell a product but can’t get it serviced. She brought the situation up to their internal escalation department. Norma in escalation was to handle it, but Melissa said that if I did not get a call back by 7:00 then she would escalate again. Melissa called me back and said that they would need until the next day to research further.

12/21 I received a message from Melissa that she was told that I should have an appointment by 12/28! I called back asking if it could be moved up. Melissa attempted to locate the appointment but could not do so. Therefore I asked if they could just replace the washer. 12/22 Melissa spoke to her boss and they agreed, since they had been unable to verify that I actually had an appointment by anyone at LG or internally. Therefore Pacific Sales said they would replace the unit. That was done on 12/23.

1/9/13 I received a call from A E Repair at 209-534-0187 that they were on their way out to fix my washer. They had a work order from LG dated 12/27. No one at LG or AE had called me. I canceled the repair as I have a new washer. I did ask the repair man if he has issues like this often. He says it does happen. He originates from Oakley and believes there aren’t many service men for LG’s as they are so new. He tends to book appointments 2 weeks in advance since he covers a very large area. If he had gotten here (from what I said about my washer) it would have liken needed a new mother board and it would have taken him 10 days to get it! This basically means that I would have been without a washer for about 45 days! This is completely unacceptable. First a new product should last more than a few months—second if you can’t service a product in an area then it shouldn’t be sold there. I must say I am extremely nervous about having a product that if something should go wrong with it, I can’t get it serviced. So much for my 5 year warranty that I have on it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washer And Dryer Combination.

Monetary Loss: $3200.

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Bloomington, Minnesota, United States #691539

I am going through the same BS with LG. My washer quit working. Sounds like the same issue, no power. I called LG and they had no direct service facility so they referred me to the only authorized service center in Minnesota. I called the service center and they said they were overwhelmed by LG calls and were no longer accepting LG appliance repairs. They gave me the name of another service center. I called that service center and was told they do not do LG warranty repairs. I called LG back and was told I would get a call in 3-5 business days to schedule an appointment with a new service center.

It has now been 4 business days and LG has called my home and cell number 4 times, but has not left a message. I called them back and the rep was unaware of anything other than a possible status update (which she tells me does not require them to leave a message). I'm told that when they call to schedule the appointment they must leave a message. I guess we'll see. I'm still figuring it will be a week to 10 days from scheduling to repair. Should we bet on whether they will have any required parts in stock.

I bought this washer because it was highly rated by CR. I'm starting to regret my decision. If this process takes more than a week I'm going to try the replacement route.

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